On Competition and a full heart


It has occurred to me that it isn't about doing the "right thing," being the "bigger man," "rising above it," "setting a good example," All of those reasons would be self serving. It simply became clear that it is the same as in all things - do or don't do "even if blah blah blah..." The CHOICE is mine to make, quietly, and then move from that place to next. Picking a path and crossing that stream. The type of person I am, is reflected in my choice. 
And so, I double-tap, Reblog, Favorite, Comment, Emoji, Retweet, Repost, Praise, Pray with and for, mourn and laugh with because there is enough to go around. 
My heart is overflowing, and I have been so very blessed. In the grand scheme of all things my heart has been fuller since I've given more.