Those are not today

I've written no fewer than ten drafts. Some from a place of anger, others from a place of fear, one from a place of pain and sadness, another that touched on loss so deep, I wondered how do I ever get back from there. 

Those posts are not today. 


Today is  Rheumatiod Arthritis (Disease) Awareness Day. Rheumatiod Disease is an unwelcome beast that came into my life and has tried its best to take over. Starting with my feet and moving through my body to involve every joint, and inflame every tissue, and finally taking up residence in my spine. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a part of my everyday. It shapes every decision I make, and every activity I participate in. It has taught me to slow down, and to be more aware and appreciative of the good days, and not be bitter about the bad days, but instead to use those quiet days to recharge my soul. 

And these photographs, these are not today.